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KINGSSEL 3D PRINTER is made in Taiwan, we devoted to it since 2014 as the manufacturer
Our own CNC factory has been for 50 years more since 1963. Once you try our quality, you'll love it.

  • Auto-correcting 
  • Fit Multiple Nozzle Size
  • 5 Inch big Colorful  Screen
  • Touch Screen 
  • Wifi Function
  • Soft/Hard Material can accept 
  • Safety Warning System 
  • LED Light
  • 8KG only for 
*Differ product model have differed function

It's easy for the beginner, even the kid can control it very well. 
Safety, Quality, Simply also the good service makes the KINGSSEL 3D PRINTER have many education units and business support.   

From Industry scale for factory user to the Education units, we all have a suitable size specific to you. Even the largest one could print Φ50cm X 50cm H!
Once you buy it, you will love it!

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