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Terms and Conditions

After Sales Warranty &Service
Kingssel 3D printer、mother-board are for 1-year warranty / Nozzle is consumption without warranty service

A:If KINGSSL 3D PRINTER is out of order with hardware by usual condition,
from the shipping arrival date count for 1 year,  provided 1-year warranty free service.

Artificial damaged is NOT including in the warranty for free service, 
according to the damaged part give the quotation.

B:Only below subject provide warranty service from shipping date for under 1 year.
  • mother-board
C:Do not provide warranty service as below:
  • 3D printer nozzle is consumption, thus do not have warranty service.
  • Guide book, package box, power, wire power, glue stick, SD card, gift....etc....attachment not including, if have any demand, please contact service for quotation.
  • repair by self, dismantle printer or KINGSSEL 3D printer repaired at other places.
  • To dismantle, repair, change specific or install non-official software to cause out of order or broken.
  • Improperly power pressure to cause damage. 
  • On the delivery way, lost, improperly packaging to cause broken.
  • Other details do not allow by the guide book using.