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3d printer model


3D PRINT is for plus made opposite to CNC traditional minus made.
 It saves time, money, labor makes research much more efficient.

3D print samples by KINGSSEL 3D PRINTER

The 3d print case for mold application

The 3D print could support the original CNC technic, its accurate print/ produce also could instead of traditional CNC as the new option for the industry.

Not only mold, components, design sample, education....etc, but all of the other area have a good way to create creative.


3d printer model

One of the most popular materials for a 3d printer is PLA which is eco, non-toxic and colorful to print.

3D print also uses the material like nylon, pc, abs, soft materials...etc to produce the mold.


The 3D PRINT could save time and labor cost.
 Furthermore, it could be customized for yourself and your customer.

Like the wooden style, the stone style, and the carbon style.


The 3D print is also efficient with more safety.
 You could join the producing process to lower the risk